Wrongful Death

Losing a family member is the worst experiences one can go through. When someone else, whether it is an individual or company, is responsible for that loved one’s death through an act of negligence or recklessness, family members will find the situation overwhelming and hard to cope with. In addition to losing the care, comfort, and support of a loved one, there may very well be financial implications involved, too. Families who lose a loved one who is a breadwinner and was providing the family with income often are struggling to make ends meet and pay bills on time along with coping with their grief.

Wrongful death can result from car, boat, or ATV accidents, work or construction accidents, medical malpractice, negligent security, premise liability, a product defect, or any number of other personal injuries. The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys of Bolt Hoffer Boyd can help you identify the party responsible for your family’s loss and seek compensation for any negligence or recklessness.

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