Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

A personal injury or wrongful death caused by another person’s negligence can be devastating. Suddenly you’re dealing with physical pain and mental trauma, unable to work while medical bills pile up. A debilitating, costly injury can have a significant, long-lasting impact on many aspects of your life.

You don’t have to deal with this stress and pain alone. Our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys can help.

If another person’s carelessness or inattentiveness caused your injury, by right you can hold the at-fault party accountable by pursuing financial compensation for your injuries and losses. While a settlement cannot heal a catastrophic injury, or make up for the wrongful death of a loved one, it can lessen the stress of medical bills, rehabilitation, loss of wages, and other financial concerns. This allows you and your family to focus on recovery.

The personal injury attorneys of Bolt Hoffer Boyd are 100 percent dedicated to our clients, no matter the size of the case. We handle each client’s situation with utmost care and diligence. We are committed to securing maximum compensation, allowing you to return to your daily life without worry.

We serve personal injury and wrongful death clients in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

To learn more about personal injury and wrongful death, please read our frequently asked questions or contact us at Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm to schedule an initial consultation with a skilled personal injury and wrongful death lawyer today.

Our Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorneys

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  • "Sending you a friendly reminder! It has been 10 long years since my 1st accident. I know, hard to believe! And I wanted to express to you, a huge thank you David! I don’t know where I would be, or what the outcome of all that has happened, that could have been….without you. Thank you so much for being so kind to me, and caring for me; which has produced a great friendship! Know that I appreciate the role you have played in my life."

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  • "A neighbor said he saw sparks, but we didn’t see any fire. I ended up in the hospital for months. A friend of mine recommended this firm. David did a lot of research, hired just the right experts and got all the information. They did a good job for me. They communicated well and told me what was going on. I don’t know of anyone that could have done better. They turned out to be very good friends."

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  • "Thank you just doesn’t come close to what you deserve for everything you have done for me. Over two years ago I came in not having a clue what to do. You listened to me, you cared for me, and you fought for me. And you continued to fight for me. I cannot express the appreciation and gratitude I have for you. You are a man of character and it shows in your work. It has been a privilege and honor to have met you and to have you on my side."

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  • "Words cannot express the amount of gratitude and a million thank you’s to you. What a pressure of relief off me! These past years have been a struggle for my family and I. I will hold you in the highest regards and nothing but faith and happiness to both of you. You have fought long and hard for us! I guess my upbringing and personality were never to sue or properly bring justice. But the morning after the crash and years of pain tends to change your fight. I’m a firm believer that certain people pass through your life for a reason. Thank you so much again!"

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  • "I needed the direction and Christopher Hoffer provided that. He is very calm, well organized, and very capable. I still have pain from the car accident today but he helped me get a settlement from the insurance company to cover auto and medical expenses and was very supportive. He did a great job for me and he’ll do the same for you."

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  • "I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. My case was complicated having the two insurance companies in the beginning. I was very concerned about how that would be resolved. This has been a long hard process. I really appreciate everything you have done for me."

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