Do it Yourself Divorce

Facing a divorce is hard enough. Facing the potential costs of divorce doesn’t make it any easier. This is why many people are turning to the “do-it-yourself” approach. But is this a good idea? The best way to approach this question is through an analogy. Say the engine in your car breaks...

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Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm Website

The new Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm website layout features a fresh responsive design and interactive content. It will give our users a new customized experience whether you are on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a desktop of any screen size. At Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm, we understand that each client...

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Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm-New Blog-Lawyers discussing

Welcome to the Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm blog! Watch this page for law firm updates, educational information, changes in the law that may affect you, recent court decisions, testimonials and client reviews, case results, events, sponsorships, and more. We will keep you up to date. Thank you for visiting! Feel free to browse our website here.

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